• 10-15mw 250nm 254nm 255nm 260nm deep uvc led Factory
  • 10-15mw 250nm 254nm 255nm 260nm deep uvc led Factory
  • 10-15mw 250nm 254nm 255nm 260nm deep uvc led Factory
10-15mw 250nm 254nm 255nm 260nm deep uvc led
  • Houkem
  • China,Dongguan
  • 7-15 days
  • 10000pcs per day

1.Aluminium nitride bracket:good heat dissipation.
2.Different viewing angle:30/60/90/120 degree
3.Korea Chips
5.Long life span:5000hours
6.ISO 9001 factory
7.Mercury free
8.Low energy consumption
9.Quick response
10.Spectrum focus on 250-260nm

 HOUKEM 10-15mw 255nm deep uvc led

Part NoHOUKEM-20UVC-255Dimension3.5*3.5mm
Output power10-15mwWavelength250-260nm
Forward voltage5.5-6.5vForward current100mA
Lifespam5000hoursElectronic Power0.5-0.6w

// Product Details //

uvc led250nm uvc led255nm uvc led

// Dimension and Internal Circuit Diagram //             

uvc led

// Light On //


250nm uvc led

// The other range also is available //

255nm uvc led

                                               Output power

// Application //

1.Air disinfection

2.Water sterilization

3.Object surface sterilization

4.Photocatalyst sterilization

uvc led

250nm uvc led


255nm uvc led

UVC Light is a form of ultraviolet light, on the UV spectrum, that will kill bacteria that is exposed to it.

It works by entering into the virus’ cell nucleus and altering its DNA and RNA. By doing this, the cell is

 no longer able to multiply or survive, killing the virus and disinfecting surfaces. 

This short-wave UV light includes germicidal ultraviolet, which is used for air, surface and water disinfection.

 Delivery Time:

QuantityLead time
1-10K pcs3-7 days
 10.1K-50K pcs 7-15 days

With over 18 years experiences, we do believe we can become your reliable supplier!

// Factory pictures //

uvc led

250nm uvc led

// Certifications //

255nm uvc leduvc led

250nm uvc led

// Exhibition //

255nm uvc led

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