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    CE RoHS LED UVC Ultraviolet Light 265nm Sterilizer

    CE RoHS LED UVC Ultraviolet Light 265nm Sterilizer

    1. It's total have 40pcs 265nm's chips. 2. It's use Meanwell driver with IP67 and also we added a Quartz lens to let the product become waterproof and also protect the chips and PCB, as we know the UVC can not through the normal glass, but quartz is fine. 3. The lower number of the nanometer, then the price will be more expensive. For example 254nm's LED is much more expensive than 280nm's LED. Those LED are UVC LED, The most effective is 254nm, followed by 265nm, 275nm and 280nm. Duo to the virus large demand for ultraviolet LED lamp. The UVC LED is very hard to buy, and also the price is higher. So some factory may use fake UVC chips to pretend the real. like 280nm and the number even higher. We can guarantee that we don't use fake UVC LED, and those 40pcs UVC LED are all 2 65nm's LED chips. 4. We do have test report by Guangdong detection center microbiology. The virus and host cell is H1N1, Here the action time and distance when the product in 30mins and 30 centimeter height it will kill 99.9% virus. If the action time and distance changed to 5mins and 10 centimeter height its also can kill 99% virus as well.

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